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Model 690

Marine Bronze Duplex Strainer

Model 690 Marine Bronzse Duplex Strainer - Mueller Sales

Pressure / Temperature - Non-Shock
Model CWP
690 50 PSI @ 150°F
3.4 Bar @ 66°C

Strainers provide positive and inexpensive protection for costly pumps, meters, valves, and other similar mechanical equipment by straining foreign matter from the connected piping system. Installation of a strainer before mechanical equipment can ensure trouble free service and avoid costly shutdowns for repair or replacement of equipment damaged by foreign matter. The size of the perforation or mesh in the basket screen will determine the smallest particles captured. See Strainer Information section of the Mueller Steam Specialty Engineering binder for detailed information including sizes and materials available.

Typical Service




Model Sizes Standard (Water)
Material Opening
690 3" Monel 0.062 perf


Model 690
Body and Plug Covers ASTM B-62 Bronze
Sight Glass Chambers Acrylic Plastic
Cap Screws Silicon Bronze
Baskets Monel
Seals Buna-N
Stem Packing PTFE

Dimensions and Weights

Size Dimensions Weight
    A B C D E
Screen Removal
F G    
in. mm in. mm in. mm in. mm in. mm in. mm in. mm in. mm lbs. kgs.
3 80 11-1⁄16 281 12-1⁄2 318 19- 1⁄2 495 12 305 15-7⁄8 403 20-5⁄8 524 19-1⁄2 495 155 70.4

Dimensions for model 690 Bronze Strainer by Mueller